Transfer Pricing Services

Transfer Pricing Services

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Transfer Pricing Services

Transfer pricing services help a company for the exchange of the goods and services exchanged between subsidiaries and affiliates. If you are looking for reliable transfer pricing services, come to Majed Alshamsi Auditing.

Transfer Pricing Services in Dubai 


  • Our Transfer Pricing Services assist companies to realize economically supportable transfer prices, document policies and answer to challenges. No doubt, lots of intercompany transactions have made transfer pricing a leading risk management issue for global traders.

  • We aim to serve companies by offering practical transfer pricing services and solutions that are united to their global business and objectives and also give controversy management.

  • Majed Alshamsi Auditing can assist the firm in developing and implementing economically supportable transfer prices, document the policies and outcomes, and respond to questions raised by the tax authorities.

  • We also assist the tax leaders in making complex decisions about prioritizing limited resources often. A definite budget is required to reduce the risks. It also needs a focus on development and technology.

With the support of global networking access to transfer pricing professionals around the world, our services are well-equipped to give the best industry experience and global context that multinationals require to thrive in the present environment.


If you wish to take benefits from the services or have some queries in your mind, just contact us now for more information!