Internal Control Services

Internal Control Services

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Internal control is a process managed by directors and management of an organization. These services are made to give reasonable assurance. The information being shared is reliable, accurate and on time. It is important to follow the applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures.

Internal Control Services in Dubai

We at MAJED ALSHAMSI AUDITING consist of a multi-disciplinary team of experts who are proficiency in internal control services. Our services include:


  • Control Environment Assessment

  • Risk Identification and Evaluation

  • Control Design and Implementation

  • Internal Control Testing and Monitoring

  • Fraud Prevention and Detection

  • Documentation and Compliance


MAJED ALSHAMSI AUDITING assesses multiple business prospective which include values and ethics within the company, communication channels, performance management, and control information to help the execution of a strong governance procedure. It is important to carry out internal control to assist in finding the flaws in business structure, operational effectiveness, and regulatory compliance.


We aim to improve the performance of your business, boost value and even strengthen cross-functional coordination. MAJED ALSHAMSI AUDITING is always focused on providing customized solutions as per the needs of the customer.


Our Internal Control Services in Dubai will help you in preventing fraud. We can organize measures to deter any kind of fraudulent behaviour. Contact us now to find out more about the internal control solutions.