Fixed Asset Management Services

Fixed Asset Management Services

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Management of the fixed assets includes tracking, monitoring and keeping equipment, computers, vehicles and more physical assets.


It’s not simple to handle the fixed assets. The progress of assets and adding up more must be properly recorded. Several businesses face great challenges in tracking the location, quantity, maintenance, condition, and assets of depreciation.


To solve your problems, we at MAJED ALSHAMSI AUDITING will assist you to handle the assets professionally and keep proper tracking. Our expert team will aid you in classifying assets and sub-assets depending on the location.


Our Fixed Asset Management Services in Dubai cover:

  1. Asset Inventory and Classification

  2. Asset Tracking and Maintenance

  3. Depreciation and Valuation

  4. Asset Utilization and Optimization

  5. Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

  6. Asset Disposal and Retirement

  7. Technology and Automation

No matter, it is a small or large organization; fixed assets are an essential part of every business. Every business needs to register a fixed asset register and preserve it properly. It assists the business in cutting down the costs, detecting and preventing fraud, maximising the value of the asset and in decision-making.


Whatever your question or query, the professional team at MAJED ALSHAMSI AUDITING will point you in the right direction. If you have any queries, directly contact our team online!