Corporate Tax Filings

Corporate Tax Filings

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Corporate tax filing in Dubai is a legal requirement for companies operating in the UAE, and failure to file tax returns can result in fines and penalties.

Corporate Tax Returns Service in Dubai

Corporate Tax Filing Services in Dubai offered at Majed Al-Shami Auditing will ultimately answer the needs of the customers. Our services are highly knowledgeable and professional tax consultants in the UAE, supporting clients with the finest corporate tax services in the UAE for corporate tax returns and making sure to stay submissive to the laws and regulations of the Tax Authority.

Preparing and filing corporate tax returns can be a time-consuming and complex process. Our experienced tax professionals will handle the entire process efficiently, ensuring accurate and timely submission of your corporate tax returns to the UAE tax authorities. We stay updated with the latest tax regulations to ensure compliance and minimize the risk of penalties or audits.

Tax Filing Assistance Dubai

Top-Notch Provider of the Corporate Tax Filing and Returns Service in Dubai
The UAE's inception of federal corporate tax has strengthened its position in business and investment choices. The concept of corporate tax allows businesses to meet international standards and eliminate damaging tax strategies. To understand the concept more clearly, Majed Alshamsi professionals can assist accordingly.


Why Choose Tax Consultants at Majed Alshamsi Auditing?
Our adept team of consultants can offer the best corporate tax filing services in Dubai. We have immense knowledge and the necessary skills to offer all-encompassing assistance throughout Dubai's corporate tax registration process. Rely on our competent professionals to get a speedy and smooth registration experience.


What Documents You Need for Corporate Tax Registration?
We can successfully complete the whole corporate tax returns service in Dubai. A Dubai-based business needs to submit the following documentation:

- Valid Emirates ID of the partner/owner who holds the license

- Unexpired copy of your trading license

- Details of the concerned person, including the email address and telephone number

- A photocopy of the owner/partner's passport who holds the license

- MOA (Memorandum of Association) or POA (Power of Attorney)

- Financial Audit Report (Annually)

- Company contact details

Our tax filing assistance Dubai can ensure your business's tax compliance.

Corporate Tax Filing Services in Dubai

  •  Our team also guides you with document preparation, measuring the tax liability, and tax fulfilment for corporate tax activities, which include registration, filing returns, and refunds.
  • MAJED ALSHAMSI AUDITING can assist you in measuring and devising your tax accountability for corporate tax and support you throughout the UAE corporate tax return filing procedure.
  • The tax experts and professionals with us make sure of the right making of corporate tax returns, defending them from the risk of audit. We make sure of the best tax claims.

All taxpayers are required to file a corporate tax return, despite their income level or the status of the business. If you wish to grab more information on corporate tax filing services in Dubai, contact us now!