Audit and Assurance

An audit is a review of the documents and accounts related to a business. On the other hand, assurance is the process analysis related to the records and accounts.

Audit and Assurance Services in Dubai


Are you looking for professional audit and assurance services in Dubai? Yes. MAJED ALSHAMSI AUDITING is available to help you at any time. Our team of certified auditors in the UAE promises to provide a complete range of audit and assurance services to meet the business requirements of our customers in a vibrant global setting.


Apart from auditing services in the UAE, we deal in bookkeeping services, tax consultant services, financial advisory services, internal audits for companies, and additional tax-related services.


We assist you with below services:

  • Statutory Audit
  • Internal &Concurrent Audit
  • Stock and Asset Audit
  • Process Audit
  • Compliance Audit

Audit and Assurance Services in UAE

We are committed to offering transparent and organized Audit and Assurance Services in Dubai in addition to the records inspection and approval procedure to provide insightful information about your company.From the planning stage of the audit until the reporting phase of the audit, our auditors are prepared to help you at any time. We have expertise in a range of sectors, including asset management and healthcare. To assist you in better serving your clients, we are also qualified to provide Audit and Assurance Services in UAE.


Financial Audit Services in Dubai

One of the essential services that any organization needs to keep track of its financial activities is audit and assurance service.Instead, he may focus much of his energy on boosting profits, hiring more people, or upgrading his services and goods. As a business owner, you must do a business valuation, recognize hazards, build credit, achieve business goals, and do other tasks.


Collaborate with Us for the Best Audit and Assurance Services
In Dubai, the audit isn't a number game any longer. It is more than reports or approvals that offer your company's complete picture. As one of any business's fundamental services, it ensures your accuracy per UAE's laws and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). So, consulting us for audit and assurance services in UAE is imperative.


A Leading Provider of Audit & Assurance Services in Dubai: Why Choose Us?
We can comprehend a value-adding service that focuses on your business improvement instead of solely preparing your financial statements. Our financial audit services in Dubai go beyond just reporting on business figures.


Internal Audit
The activity performed by the company's employees or people outside the team is the internal audit.


External Audit
It is the company's audit performed by any external party. The third party isn't a member of the company.


Statutory Audit
Authorities or governments need an audit of the business that ensures the accuracy of the organisational records. It is better popular as a statutory audit.


VAT Audit
It's the evaluation of the ledgers as well as trial balances of an establishment by certified tax agents.


Why choose us for audit and assurance services?

  • Reinforcement against the challenge of defrauding investors

  • Precision in fiscal statements

  • expertise and knowledge

  • Truly loyal and work according to the rules made by the government.

  • Legalisation of internal controls


Get assistance for tax audit services Dubai from us shortly.


Audit and Assurance